Wellspring Living Scarf

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Wellspring Living is an Atlanta-based non-profit that rescues and restores the lives of trafficked women and girls.
The Wellspring Living Scarf is at part of CROSBY's #ShineYourBright Campaign.

A huge part of our mission at CROSBY is to encourage women to be beacons of light, raising awareness of the alarming issue of sex trafficking in the United States. With every scarf sold, organizations like Wellspring Living, which offer trafficked women freedom, rehabilitation, and the promise of a brighter future, get closer to our collective goal. Please join us in the fight to #endit!

The "In Her Shoes" scarf features a print inspired by Jada, one of Wellspring Living's rescued women, and her journey to freedom. Jada's story is told through the shoes that she has worn in each stage of her life, most of which were inappropriate, ill-fit, and picked out by others. Even after her rescue, she continued to wear the shoes given to her by her former pimp, a sign of the profound hold that her past maintained over her life. After several months of being uplifted, loved, and encouraged at Wellspring, Jada finally decided it was time for a new pair of shoes.  She picked out a new pair of shoes herself -- ones that were age appropriate, fit her feet, and most importantly, that she wanted to wear. In her shoes, Jada gained a new confidence and comfort, growing into her true self. Jada's story is a beautiful metaphor for the hope and new beginning that Wellspring Living offers to victims of sex trafficking.

The "In Her Shoes" print is an abstract design of different shoe prints in the colors of Jada's new shoes -- neon pink and royal blue. Each scarf tells Jada's story in its own way, but will also come with a card telling you more about her journey to Wellspring Living and beyond. You can find Jada's story and the stories of some of Wellspring's other rescued women in Make it Zero, a book by founder of Wellspring Living, Mary Frances Bowley. 

Fabric: 100% cotton, Dimensions: 39" x 70"