Empowering Change: Wellspring Summer Supper 2023

The annual Wellspring Summer Supper, held this past Friday, proved to be an inspiring and impactful evening that unified supporters of Wellspring Living and fashion enthusiasts alike. Our founder and CEO, Mollie Burch, had the tremendous honor of being the Honorary Chair that evening.

It was during a conference held by Passion City Church during her college years that Mollie learned more about human trafficking and the fight to eradicate this widespread issue. This ignited a fire within Mollie to take action and develop a brand that merged her love of fashion with her fervor for social justice advocacy.

Since CROSBY’s inception in 2015, Wellspring Living has been an integral part of the brand’s vision. Built on the principles of inspiring creativity and confidence, it additionally serves as a platform to champion and empower victims of human trafficking that may not have the ability to advocate for themselves.

The Wellspring Summer Supper served as a testament to this enduring partnership. The event raised more than $91,000 to support the Girls’ Residential Program, which provides trauma-informed care to survivors of domestic minor sex trafficking in the service of physical, emotional, and spiritual restoration. The attendees’ generous contributions will allow Wellspring Living to continue its invaluable work, which provides hope, healing, and a brighter future to trafficking survivors.

This event showcased the incredible impact that can be achieved when fashion and social justice intersect. As we reflect on this inspiring event, we are reminded of how important it is to use our platforms to uplift and empower those in need. To hear Mollie’s speech, visit https://youtu.be/C07AZb3WEpo

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