Shine Your Bright

At CROSBY, empowering women is at the heart of everything we do.Shine Your Brightis a call to action for our customers to make a positive impact on the world by doing good and serving well. We aim to make our customers feel like their best and brightest selves when they wear CROSBY in hopes of providing courage and confidence to live boldly and shine brightly.

The story behind the Blossom print

Aaliyah was sex trafficked as a teenager and considered herself a delinquent — running away from foster homes until she found herself pregnant and alone. After suffering a miscarriage, she knew something had to change. She moved into Wellspring Living and began her journey toward overcoming depression and becoming the young woman she wanted to be.

During her time at Wellspring, Aaliyah was paired with a mentor who would change her life forever. She helped Aaliyah to rebuild her confidence, set goals for her future, and grow into “a rose out of concrete.” Aaliyah graduated the program feeling happy, strong, and excited to live life in freedom. In her own words: “Our mentorship was supposed to last a year, but I will cherish this relationship for a lifetime.”

We are so inspired by Aaliyah’s commitment to reflection, healing, and growth. May we all learn how to Blossom as she has. Thank you for sharing your journey with us!

To learn more about the mentorship program at Wellspring Living, click here.

Our Mission in Action

CROSBY is dedicated to the fight against human trafficking and partners with Wellspring LIving to help rescue and restore the lives of those enslaved by the sex trafficking industry. We have raised over $35,000 for the non-profit organization through various campaigns and contributions. Every spring and fall, Mollie designs a print inspired by a survivor’s journey. The proceeds from these pieces are donated directly to Wellspring Living. In addition, we’ve proudly provided thousands of pieces of clothing to women and girls in Wellspring programs.