Shine Your Bright

At CROSBY, empowering women is at the heart of everything we do. Shine Your Bright is a call to action for our customers to make a positive impact on the world by doing good and serving well. We aim to make our customers feel like their best and brightest selves when they wear CROSBY in hopes of providing courage and confidence to live boldly and shine brightly.

The story behind the Abstract Expression print

Kaelyn, 16, came to the Girls’ Residential Program (GRP) having experienced years of sexual exploitation and emotional neglect at the hands of her mother and uncle. When Kaelyn first arrived at GRP, she was extremely withdrawn and had a difficult time trusting staff and connecting with peers.

However, Kaelyn loved art and found that art therapy sessions gave her a safe place to work out the trauma when it was too painful to share with words. Expression through the arts is a powerful tool that promotes emotional growth and healing, initiating change. 

Healing began for Kaelyn through art therapy sessions and carried into her free time. She spent hours drawing. A volunteer noticed her talent and helped her enter a piece of artwork into a local art show. Kaelyn couldn’t believe that her art was special enough for others to see. She was so proud!

Kaelyn’s confidence grew and she began to thrive in all aspects of the program. She became a leader among her peers and helped welcome new participants. This creative process unlocked parts of Kaelyn’s mind and heart that allowed her to step into freedom and hope she had never known before. 

Thanks to organizations like Wellspring Living and programs like GRP, participants can find healing through art therapy sessions which help them reduce stress, build social and communication skills, create positive experiences, improve self-awareness and express themselves.

All Abstract Expression purchases directly benefit Wellspring Living and the fight to end human trafficking.

Our Mission in Action

CROSBY is dedicated to the fight against human trafficking and partners with Wellspring Living to help rescue and restore the lives of those enslaved by the sex trafficking industry. We have raised over $60,000 for the non-profit organization through various campaigns and contributions. Every spring and fall, Mollie designs a print inspired by a survivor’s journey. The proceeds from these pieces are donated directly to Wellspring Living. In addition, we’ve proudly provided thousands of pieces of clothing to women and girls in Wellspring programs.