When was CROSBY by Mollie Burch founded and where is it based? 

The line was founded in October 2015 and is based in Atlanta, GA. 

Who makes your prints? 

Our head designer, Mollie Crosby Burch, does! Every print is hand-designed specifically for each season by Mollie. 

How can I clean my CROSBY by Mollie Burch pieces? 

All of our clothing is currently 100% machine washable. We recommend a cool wash cycle with like colors. Stains that have been completely washed out of CROSBY pieces include coffee, wine, beet juice and many other hard to clean stains. This is one of our favorite things about our clothes outside of the great designs!

*Please do not use a hot iron directly on the clothing*

Does CROSBY sell outside of the US? 

Currently, we do not sell CROSBY outside of the US. 

Why did CROSBY choose to focus on sex-trafficking in its philanthropic endeavors? 

The CROSBY team seeks to build a brand that empowers women and encourages those around us. As a part of that, we all believe that giving back should be an innate aspect of both life AND work. We want to give what we can in whatever way we can so that it is a natural function of our business. 

Mollie actually picked the topic of sex-trafficking for CROSBY. It is a topic that hits close to the brand's home city. Mollie first heard that Atlanta was the largest hub for sex-trafficking in the United States as a second year at UVA while attending a conference in the city called Passion. Women and men in our city are directly affected by this atrocity and we want to help change that in any way that we can. As a brand that wants to empower women in their lives, it was a natural choice. 

What is CROSBY's return policy?  

 CROSBY has a 14 day return policy. Please see our Return & Exchanges page for full details of how to process a return. 

What is your shipping policy? 

Our standard shipping is guaranteed to arrive between 5-7 days and often arrives sooner. If the order needs to arrive before then, we do have a 2-day shipping option that is guaranteed to arrive within 2 days as long as the order is placed before 1 pm. If the item is placed after 1pm then it will likely arrive on that third day.